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Selecting Jewish Monuments


A double grave monument

Monument in pink granite

How soon after death should a monument be ordered?

While there is no “proper” time to order a monument, it should be taken care of as soon as one is comfortable doing so. Many people today find it convenient to arrange for the monument at the same time they make funeral arrangements. Others wait until the conclusion of the shivah period, when they can take more time to think about personalizing a monument.
The desired timing for the unveiling should be considered when determining a time to order a monument. For those who want an unveiling around the shloshim (the end of the thirty-day mourning period, which is customary in Israel), the monument must be ordered immediately. Those who want the unveiling around the completion of the Kaddish (the eleventh month) or the Yahrzeit (the anniversary of the person’s death), may be able to wait a little longer before ordering a monument.
When ordering a monument, there are many variables to consider, some of which affect the timing of the delivery and placement of the monument. We encourage you to consult with our monument specialist who can evaluate these factors to help you determine the best time to order a monument to honor your loved one.
What factors will affect the timing of the placement of the monument and how does this affect the timing of my order?
There are many factors that can affect the timing of delivery and placement of a monument, such as the choice of materials and/or intricacy of the monument design. While the average time is two to four months between the ordering of a memorial and its placement at the gravesite, in some cases, it may take as long as six months or more given the specific factors involved.
One of the most time-consuming factors is the pouring of the foundation. If a foundation does not currently exist, the timing of the pouring may be affected by:
Cemetery Regulations - Burial societies and cemeteries have varying regulations regarding the placement of monuments. Some cemeteries will not even pour a foundation until six to nine months after the burial.
Seasonality - The winter months prevent the construction of foundations because concrete cannot be mixed during freezing weather. If an unveiling is planned for the early spring, arrange to purchase the monument no later than early November. The foundation can then be finished before the frost sets in. Foundation construction is usually halted in winter until March or after the ground has thawed out.
The monument specialists at Sinai Monuments are familiar with the cemeteries and burial societies in the metropolitan area, and can work to ensure timely delivery and placement on your behalf.

Should monuments be considered when pre-planning a funeral?

Pre-need funeral and memorial arrangements have become increasingly popular in recent years, and with good reason. The period following the interment is usually a difficult time for the family. Close loved ones and immediate family members may not be in the proper state of mind or have the emotional clarity to take on the task of selecting a fitting memorial. A more elaborate headstone, a family monument or an estate memorial, requires a great deal of planning. Pre-need planning allows for a careful review of the various options allowed by different cemeteries and memorial parks, and provides your loved one with the security of knowing that their final arrangements will be properly carried out. Pre-need planning also provides protection against price increases and can legally be figured into pay-down expenses for eligibility for healthcare programs. Initiating a pre-need consultation is quick and easy. Simply contact us today.

When is it best to order a double grave monument?

If there is a reserved grave adjacent to the burial, a double monument is often preferable. In addition to giving assurance to the survivor that the burial site has been reserved for them, there is some comfort in the knowledge that the survivor’s final resting place will be at the side of one’s lifelong companion. Situations in which double monuments might be used are:
Husband and wife
Two unmarried sisters
Mother and daughter
Father and son
Two brothers
The sentiment “united in life, inseparable forever” is fulfilled in the selection of a double monument.

What information will I need to purchase a monument?

The name of the cemetery where the monument is to be delivered.
The name of the congregation or burial society from which the plot was purchased.
The correct English name of the deceased.
The correct date of birth.
The date and approximate hour of death. (This information will be used to establish the Hebrew date of death.)
Hebrew names of the deceased and deceased’s father.*
If the father was a Kohayn, Levi, or Israelite.
Any desired special symbols.
Any desired expressive epitaphs.
* The name, if not known by an immediate family member might be known to a more distant relative or might be found on a family document, such as the Ketubah (marriage document) or a baby-naming certificate. If you need assistance in locating the name, we would be happy to discuss this with you.
The required information listed above is the same information required at the time the funeral arrangements are made, which is a reason why many families choose to purchase the monument at the time of making funeral arrangements.

I am not sure what to order, can you help me?

With many variables that affect the ordering of a monument, we understand that it can be overwhelming for families. Let us help. We will send a field representative to the gravesite (at no cost to you) to perform a visual inspection of the area. We also will review the cemetery or burial society regulations. After our inspection, we are then able to advise you as to the size and style of monument that will fit well in the area.

What if our cemetery requires a bronze plaque rather than a stone memorial?

We also specialize in preparing bronze memorials set on a granite base, either for a new grave or to match existing ones. We provide the same high quality and personal attention.